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The tech city of London was developed from the need of fast startups. This is a progressively growing idea, yet to reach the heights of Silicon Valley. Ever since 2011, the Tech City is developing in the East London which shows that the jurisdiction is sincere to recover the recession-hit economy. The Tech Hubs in this Tech City will draw reputable corporations, entrepreneurs and businesses, and their presence in one environment will make more opportunities. As a result, the inflow of foreign exchange will increase. The entire concept of tech city was to bring together people of like thoughts, in a friendly environment that would aid to obtain maximum effect and hence get the most out of the revenues. Because of the tech commentator Mike Butcher and entrepreneur Elizabeth Valery, this vision has started to turn into a reality. Click here for more information.

Much like all other fields this concept was conceived due to its necessity. The requirement of Tech Hubs arised from the fact that one required a spot to manage the tech requirement and this would need to be different from the regular congregation of tech guys in a restaurant or some other place. The environment needed to be conducive to this technology. This saw the majestic entry of Google in the year 2012. Propr to this the jurisdiction was kind enough to allocate 50 million pounds or $ 70 million for the Tech City development. Google opened office at Bonhill street, in close proximity to roundabout of Old street. This office was open sevend ays of the week and sprawled across seven storey. This was a much talked about project and consequently saw the entry of Amazon, Microsoft and even other top IT leaders of the world. The existence of a few of the most crucial advertising corporations and enormous financial market in London definitely aided to boost the business aside from making this place a very logical option for the new concept conceived. This has helped to display the positives and draw funding which was extremely vital as in this situation. One enthusiasm enhancing aspect is the announcement of 1 million pounds prize money for the most appropriate firm amongst the newbie’s. This is instrumental in seeing the energy level rise and more new businesses giving a lot more than their best whilst vying for this award. 

The coming into subsistence of this idea in the town of London was due to the need of Tech hub. Here one might just well be reminded that the prospect of collapse loomed large as with all fresh ideas. Songkick, a group handling live news about the live musical events entered the scenario with funds which saved the project. $18 million was raised by this company. The entire sum was raised from an American company, Seqaoia Capital, who had invested in London Tech Hub for the first time, in spite of the uncertainty. This aided the project in more ways than one. This assisted in providing a facade of uprightness and also paved the way for further finances into the modern idea. The small names would never quite have the result in this field as with other fields. This is something that has got to be useful to bring in other leading companies to this industry.

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