How an app designer fix android system problems

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With the use of your android phone, there are times when you really need to give a quick fix on any problem or error encountered by your phone. After downloading and installing an application into your smartphone, there are applications that do not open or even freezes afterwards. With all the things you have in mind, thinking of this problem would be too much considering that it is not that of a big deal. Most of the time, you can easily update an application or reset the battery by turning the phone off so that you will be able to refresh everything on your phone. When talking about updating an application, you will get to encounter different tools and fixes for viruses and bugs which can be easily identified by a British app designer or even just by the user. For more info, browse here.

Here are few tricks in fixing android application problems.

· While you are currently using an application on your phone and your phone suddenly freezes, all you need to do remove the battery out from your device. After a minute or two, put back the battery in place. Have the battery cover replaced and restart the device. Once the phone is turned on, you can open the application again.

· If you are using a data-dependent application, examine if your phone’s data connection is very active. Go through the screen and the “menu” button, and then go to “settings”. Once you get into the settings, go to “wireless and networks” and then select “mobile networks”. Examine the “data enabled” selection, see if it is checked or not. The “data enabled” selection must be checked so that it will be enabled to work. With an enabled system, the applications can be launch anytime.

· Make sure that the application is updated. Go to your phone’s home screen and select “market”.  On your phone, select “menu” and go to “my apps”. Search for the “not installed” section by browsing down the menu. Touch the application if its update is available. Select “update” and select “accept and download”. Wait for a moment to allow for complete downloading. Once the download is complete, the application can now be launch anytime.

· Applications that have freeze or crash can also be uninstall and reinstall. Go to the “menu” and select “settings”. Go to “manage apps” and select “all”. Go to the app that crashed and remove it from the list by selecting” uninstall”. Go to the android market and search for that app and reinstall it. With that the app can be launch again.

· Once you get to do all the trouble shooting stuff, yet it still didn’t work, you can always seek help from your mobile’s service provider or if you know someone who does mobile design. With their knowledge, they can help you identify and fix the problem.

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